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Beatles - The Collection MFSL | PHONOSTORE

Beatles - The Collection MFSL (14 LP US box)

Catalog number: MFSL BC-1
Release date: 10/1/1982

The Beatles: The Collection was a vinyl box set of UK released Beatle album, remastered at half speed from the original stereo master recordings. Each album was pressed on virgin vinyl by the Victor Company of Japan (JVC) ensuring the best sound quality possible. The album covers were replaced with photographs of tape boxes and log sheet. The original album covers were included in a booklet which also featured a certificate of authenticity as this was a limited edition collection.

Individual number: 9737.

MFSL 1-101 Please Please Me.
MFSL 1-102 With The Beatles.
MFSL 1-103 A Hard Day's Night.
MFSL 1-104 Beatles For Sale.
MFSL 1-105 Help!
MFSL 1-106 Rubber Soul.
MFSL 1-107 Revolver.
MFSL 1-100 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
MFSL 2-072 The Beatles (Disk 1).
MFSL 2-072 The Beatles (Disk 2).
MFSL 1-108 Yellow Submarine.
MFSL 1-023 Abbey Road.
MFSL 1-047 Magical Mystery Tour.
MFSL 1-109 Let It Be.

Box: EX+

The booklet and certificate: NM

Insert: NM

Cover: NM

Record sounds like new without any clicks and pops. Under the fluorescent lamp have shiny and glossy. Most records have not played even once.

Record: NM


Geo-Disc: NM

Price: €1,700

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dollar 00,0000 rub.
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