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Beatles - Love Songs | PHONOSTORE

Beatles - Love Songs (1st UK issue)

Catalog number: PCSP 721
Release date: 11/28/1977

1st sealed UK issue in perfect condition

This album is mainly a compilation of tracks previously available on the other Beatles albums. The only two not previously issued on British albums are “This Boy” and “Yes It Is” and these are simply mono recordings re-channelled into fake stereo, even though “This Boy” is available in stereo on a Canadian single. For the gatefold sleeve used the famous collage of photos taken by Richard Avedon August 11, 1967 in London.

Cover: SS

Unlaminated gatefold sleeve with leather texture effect was manufactured by Garrot & Lofthouse Ltd. have a little damage in laft low corner.

Cover, under the shrinkwrap, have "the HMV shop" sticker with price £8,99.

Price: €500

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